The ISET® technology (ISET: Isolation by SizE of Tumor cells) is a highly innovative patented technique implemented with the Rarecells Device and Consumables, which allows the lossless isolation from blood of Circulating Rare Cells, including Circulating Tumor Cells, while preserving their integrity, thereby allowing their analysis by different methods, including Blood Cytopathology. The ISET® technology is based on a simple blood draw with no harm or pain to patients.

ISET® technology has been validated by over 50 independent scientific studies, available at www.rarecells.com, on over 2000 patients with different types of cancer (lung cancer, breast cancer prostate cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, cutaneous and uveal melanoma, pancreatic cancer, sarcoma, etc…) and more than 600 individuals without cancer. CCC are present in all types of solid cancers and ISET® isolates and identifies all types of CCC, without loss and diagnostically, meaning without mistakes, distinguish them from other rare non-tumorous cells present in the blood.

ISET® Blood Cytopathology (availability at Find ISET®)


The ISET® Blood Cytopathology is the only validated method allowing a diagnostic detection of circulating cancer cells (CCC) with a very high and unparalleled sensitivity. Diagnostic means “reliable assessment with virtually no false positive and no false negative results”. ISET® Blood Cytopathology is the most sensitive method for diagnosis of circulating cancer cells (CCC) which are the early hallmark of cancer invasion. Long before metastases occur, CCC circulate in blood and can be diagnosed by ISET® Blood Cytopathology. The ISET® Blood Cytopathology technology allows a diagnostic identification of  CCC, which means that it allows to identify CCC with neither false positive nor false negative results. With ISET® Blood Cytopathology, Oncologists have additional information regarding the invasive potential of the cancer, helping to stop cancer invasion before the stage of metastases formation. Furthermore, Oncologists can use ISET® Blood Cytopathology to know if the treatment has been effective, as in this case the CCC disappear from blood. Thus, they can timely change the treatment if it has not been effective.

The ISET blood cytopathology identifies the possible presence of tumor invasion into the blood compartment at the time of the blood sampling.

For more information on how ISET® Blood Cytopathology works go to the How does it work? section.