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Cancer and Invasive Tumor

Invasive tumors are the only ones who threaten patients’ life because of their capacity to form metastases. The term “cancer” is normally used to indicate invasive tumors.

CCC (Circulating Cancer Cells)

CCC (Circulating Cancer Cells) are CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells) which have been diagnostically identified by cytopathological analysis. This distinction comes from the fact that the term CTC has been used, due to the technical difficulties in this field, to designate a group of cells in blood (epithelial cells, etc…), which also includes non-tumor cells. The name CCC (Circulating Cancer Cells) has been chosen to specifically designate circulating cells which have all been assessed diagnostically as true tumor cells. CCC are “the CTC which really matter” in the fight against cancer.


Clinical or biomedical assessment virtually without false positive and without false negative results.


Isolation by SizE of Tumor cell.


The science devoted to the study and treatment of cancer.

Predictive Oncology

The branch of Oncology which predicts how and when a patient has to be treated in order to better fight against cancer.