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What is the ISET® Blood Cytopathology technology?

The ISET® Technology is a highly sensitive diagnostic method identifying the presence of cancer cells in blood, based on a simple blood analysis. The presence of Cancer Cells in blood is, without any doubt, a sign of tumor invasion.

What does it detect?

By detecting tumor invasion in a highly sensitive and diagnostic manner, the ISET® Blood Cytopathology technology detects the risk of metastases years before they develop.

How can ISET® technology be used?

ISET® method can be used to obtain additional information for:

  • Early identification of patients at risk of developing metastases,
  • Monitoring the efficacy of cancer treatment.

Which are the types of cancer that can benefit from the ISET® Technology?

ISET® can isolate and identify CCC derived from all types of solid cancers with a diagnostic approach, thus meaning without mistakes. ISET® is not valid for leukemia and lymphoma.

When should I take it?

According to the advice of your Oncologist, you may take it:

  • If you are a cancer survivor and want to stay alert for possible recurrences.
  • If you are a cancer patient under chemotherapy, using this method will help your doctor assess if the treatment has been effective in killing the tumor cells.
  • If you received a diagnosis of cancer and your oncologist recommends you a surveillance without any treatment.

Where can I take it?

Register in the Contact section and we will contact you.

See the Find ISET® to find an ISET® Lab near you.

How reliable are the results of ISET®?

The results of ISET® are highly reliable. The ISET® method is performed with high precision at each step:

  • Very high sensitivity for isolation of any type of CCC from all types of solid cancers
  • Diagnostic specificity ensured by the most reliable Cytopathologists at international level.