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We never really see cancer coming, most of us learn we have a tumor during a routine check-up. Once we’ve been diagnosed, our fight begins. Yes, cancer is a fight and the ISET® technology is here to help you win that fight.

To understand the impact of the ISET® technology, we must first explain how cancer develops. The terms “cancer” and “tumor” are equivalent.


Cancer is a group of diseases that are due to deregulated cell growth. When cells start growing without control, they form a tumor. A tumor is a mass of growing tumor cells in a particular organ of the body. Cells from this primary tumor may spread in blood and invade other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Tumor cells are present in blood for several years before metastases (or secondary tumors) develop. Metastases are the main reason why we lose our fight against cancer. Treating patients when these circulating cancer cells are in the blood but metastases are not yet formed could give them a very important chance to defeat cancer.

Tumor Invasion

This term indicates the spread of tumor cells from the primary tumor to the body through blood. The earliest step of tumor invasion is the circulation of cancer cells in blood. The latest step is the formation of metastases. In fact, cancer cells which circulate in blood (CCC) can invade other organs. If they can grow in an organ, they can create a metastasis. However this process occurs rarely and with difficulty since CCC are fragile and may die while they are in the blood. Their presence in blood is however a clear sign that tumor invasion has started and that the patient is at risk of developing metastases. This is a key information for the Oncologist who can then set the treatment in a timely manner to block the tumor invasion process and prevent the formation of metastases. Without the ISET® Blood Cytopathology detection method, there is no way of knowing if tumor invasion has started. Thus, the patient  is not treated while the disease is progressing towards the formation of metastases. Cancer patients can benefit from the ISET® technology which allows to treat tumor invasion in a timely manner. Furthermore, without the ISET® Blood Cytopathology there is also no way of knowing if the treatment is effective and has eliminated the CCC from blood, and with them the risk of developing metastases.


Who benefits from the ISET® technology?

Patients with cancer:

ISET® Blood Cytopathology

The ISET® Blood Cytopathology is a validated method allowing diagnostic detection of circulating cancer cell (CCC) with a very high and unparalleled sensitivity.